FLIPPER - excellent quality at attractive price

After the premieres of the OPTIMA PICO controller and the RGB switch, we present yet another new product. FLIPPER injection rail is the result of many years of experience in the production of gas injectors. High-quality materials, attention to detail and restrictive tests have resulted in good parameters and a long time of failure-free operation.



Meet the FLIPPER injection rail

As a manufacturer of reliable gas installations, we see the dynamic needs of the market and the changing expectations of our customers. We pay attention not only to high quality, but also to practical use and utility values.

So far our offer consisted 2 types of gas injectors: economical valtek type injection rail – ALEX RAIL-001 and a real injection predator – the world-famous Barracuda. With FLIPPER we completed the range of ofered products.

Thanks to the intensive work of the ALEX Research and Development Department, FLIPPER was created – a synonym for an injector of excellent quality at an attractive price.

The FLIPPER injection rail has a new design of the pistons and a compact housing. The use of a smaller and lighter plunger allowed to weaken the forces acting on it. In addition, the use of the proprietary vulcanization process significantly extended the service life of rubber elements and translated into long and stable operation of the injectors. FLIPPER is available in two versions: 3- and 4-cylinder rail.



What distinguishes FLIPPER?

A special vulcanization process causes the rubber elements to remain flexible for longer, without breaking. This directly translates into the administration of the same fuel doses, even over a long period of use of the injector. The seals are made of special fluorinated rubber (FKM) compounds.

The FLIPPER injection rail is manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of the American standard SAE-J1832-2016, created especially for the standardization of production and measurements of petrol injectors. The standard assumes uniformity in the assessment and measurement tests carried out on injectors used in gasoline engines.



Screw-out calibration nozzles

Changing the diameter of the calibration nozzles by drilling allows you to achieve the injector efficiency appropriate for a given engine (from 20 to 50 HP per cylinder).


  • 3- or 4-cylinder version
  • Completely new piston’s design
  • Compact housing
  • Screw-out calibration nozzles
  • Materials with high magnetic permeability and high saturation induction
  • Working temperature from -40 to 120 ° C
  • Standard AMP SuperSeal connector
  • Seals made of specially designed fluorinated rubber (FKM) compounds



FLIPPER vs Barracuda

According to the measurements carried out in accordance with the SAE-J1832-2016 standard, the FLIPPER 120 [Nl/min] and Barracuda 115 [Nl/min] injectors have similar maximum efficiencies. The main difference occurs at the minimum doses of gas (when the engine is idling). FLIPPER has been working linearly for 2.27 ms, delivering 3.17 cm3 of gas, which is a very good result for this injector design. Barracuda, as a premium class injector, designed for more demanding engines, has been working linearly for 1.76 ms, delivering 1.88 cm3 of gas.

The FLIPPER dynamics in the linear operating range (LFR) is> 28. The Barracuda injector shows a higher LFR dynamics> 49, and thus a greater tolerance to the choice of nozzle diameter. In the case of Barracuda injectors, the diameter can be “approximated” and the settings can be adjusted from the installation calibration software.




Excellent quality at attractive price? – FLIPPER.

Modern design combined with experience in the production of injectors guarantees the reliability and speed of the injector.

Full specification of the FLIPPER injection rail is available at: old.autogas-alex.com/en/products/flipper-injection-rail/


The FLIPPER injection rail is currently the best choice in terms of value for money on the LPG/CNG injector market.