Alternative dual fuel system for diesel engines, using LPG or CNG fuel.

The ALEX DIESEL system is based on the mixing of 2 fuels: diesel oil and gas. The controller limits the injection of diesel oil to the amount that allows self-ignition in the cylinder, and in its place gives a precise dose of gas. The share of gas in the ALEX DIESEL installation is on average up to 30% LPG or 50% CNG. Such proportions of additional fuel guarantee the correct operating conditions of the engine and the entire system.

Adding gas, which acts as a catalyst to the fuel mixture, allows the diesel to burn more efficiently, which is practically impossible in an ordinary diesel engine. Diesel engines burn most of the injected diesel fuel, but there is always some part that turns into exhaust gas (containing, among others: hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and carcinogenic solid particles). In the ALEX DIESEL system, thanks to the improved combustion efficiency of a mixture of gas and diesel fuel, the emission of CO2, solid particles and nitrogen oxides is much lower.

Installation of the ALEX DIESEL system increases the torque and engine power. The temperature and emission of exhaust gases do not exceed the ranges established for the base fuel supply – diesel fuel. Thanks to this, the system does not adversely affect the engine’s service life and generates economic and ecological benefits.


 Product Data Sheet ALEX DIESEL

Advantages of the ALEX DIESEL controller:

  • Small dimensions of the housing facilitate installation in tight engine compartments
  • Support for up to 4 gas injectors
  • Injection system upstream of the turbocharger, regardless of the number of cylinders
  • Advanced gas fuel dosing algorithm
  • Built-in protection to detect knocking combustion
  • Advanced “Cut-off” options that cut off gas injection
  • Built-in emulators of analog (3 channels) and digital (2 channels) signals
  • Clear configuration software
  • Possibility of cooperation with cruise control
  • Exhaust gas temperature control
  • Possibility of tuning with a broadband lambada probe (external controller required)

Basic components of ALEX DIESEL set

  • ALEX DIESEL controller
  • Main electrical harness
  • Electric harness for emulators
  • Pressure and temperature sensor ALEX PTS-02
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor
  • Reducer temperature sensor
  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Knock sensor (1 pc, 2 pcs or no)
  • RGB switch
Additional elements
  • Gas injectors
  • Reducer with a temperature sensor
  • Manometer
  • Converter 12/24V
  • Gas filter
  • Refueling valve + accessories (mounting, plug)
  • Pipes (rigid, gas, water)
  • CNG stickers, bands, etc.


  • LPG/CNG fuel support
  • Support for up to 4 gas injectors
  • 48-pin connector
  • Aluminum housing and quick assembly
  • Additional adjustments to the cruise control
  • Additional corrections to the exhaust gas temperature
  • Additional corrections of the reducer temperature
  • Additional gas pressure corrections
  • Additional corrections of the collector pressure
  • Additional differential pressure corrections
  • Additional adjustments to the pressure of the saddle
  • Additional outside temperature corrections
  • Compatibility with all types of compression ignition engines
  • Cooperation with many types of gas level sensors
  • Three-dimensional gas and diesel dosing maps
  • The function of detecting leaks in installations, including injectors
  • Possibility to connect an external AFR controller
  • Extensive oscilloscope to observe the operating parameters of the installation
  • Full short circuit and overload protection
  • Detection of transition to cruise control mode
  • Gas consumption monitoring
  • Possibility of integration with the FMS system
  • Possibility to emulate up to 3 analog signals
  • Possibility to emulate up to 2 digital signals
  • Support for up to 2 knock sensors
  • Advanced Cut-off functions


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