ALEX HS gas level sensor

Non-contact sensor indicating the gas level in the tank, mounted on a multivalve.

The level indicator provides an accurate measurement of the gas level in the tank and communicates the amount of fuel to the LPG controller. The ALEX HS sensor has no mechanical elements – it works according to the Hall effect. The housing is waterproof and remains flexible in the temperature range from -40 to 120˚C.

The ALEX HS gas level sensor is compatible with most LPG multivalves. It works with ALEX OPTIMA and ALEX IDEA sequential installations and with controllers that support sensors with a linear voltage output in the range of 0-5V.


 Product Data Sheet ALEX HS gas level sensor

Technical Specifications:

  • voltage range: 0-5 V
  • measurement technology: Hall effect
  • resistance: 50kOhm
  • operating temperature: -40 – 120˚C
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