ALEX IDEA controller

ALEX IDEA is a sequential gas injection in the vapor phase for petrol engines with direct fuel injection.

Modern solutions used in the ALEX IDEA controller enable the conversion of popular engines with direct fuel injection – the system can be adapted to most cars equipped with electromagnetic injectors. It stands out for above average fuel economy used for cooling and lubricating injectors petrol. The specially developed IDEA control algorithm consumes only about 5-15% of gasoline, while other installations of this type available on the market require about 20-30% of fuel to be injected.

The ALEX IDEA System is the Product of the Year 2018 according to autoEXPERT magazine.


 Connection diagram ALEX IDEA system (general scheme)

 Connection diagram ALEX IDEA system V2.0 DI+MPI (general scheme)

 List of engine codes with ready algorithms for optimized ALEX IDEA system (14.04.2023)

 Product Data Sheet ALEX IDEA

Advantages of ALEX IDEA drivers:

  • support for most engines with direct fuel injection from 4 to 6 cylinders
  • ready configuration files for popular engines
  • integrated OBD service module
  • built-in 2 emulators of any voltage signals
  • the possibility of adjusting the consumption of petrol in any range of engine operation



  • Supports 4/6 cylinders engines
  • Connector number of pins
  • Case type
  • Day&night system
  • Additional RPM corrections
  • Additional corrections of reducer temperature
  • Additional corrections of gas temperature
  • Additional corrections of gas pressure
  • Additional corrections of gas injectors opening
  • Oscilloscope to observe the parameters of the installation
  • Compatibility with standard engines
  • Compatibility with turbo engines
  • Compatibility with different types of gas injectors
  • Compatibility with different types of gas level sensors
  • The ability to determine the maximum engine load and RPM while while running on gas
  • Reminder of control tests of the gas installation
  • “Quick start” function
  • Full anti-circuit and anti-overloading protection
  • Semiconductor emulation
  • 3D gas and petrol maps
  • Operating on LPG and CNG fuel
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from camshaft level sensor
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from crankshaft level sensor
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from injectors impulse
  • The ability of a permanent switch off particular gas injectors
  • The ability of emergency start on gas
  • Lambda probe service
  • Records of past errors
  • Quick switch off of the LPG/CNG installation
  • RPM decay time setting
  • The ability to display the history of changes in the controller
  • Petrol secondary injection option
  • Signaling errors and status messages
  • Automatic detection of OBD reports
  • Controller with OBD
  • Monitoring of OBD parametres
  • Operating on reverse OBD correction
  • Editable ranges of gas injection time (table of injection time in rotation function)
  • The map of corrections depends on the collector pressure
  • Signalling running on petrol
  • Signalling a warm reducer
  • Erasing selected errors OBD2 / CAN
  • Universal Fuel pressure Emulator
  • Separate map for extra petrol injection
  • Adjustable injection detection level
  • Filtering the petrol injection signal
  • Possibility to emulate 2 any voltage signals

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