FLIPPER injection rail

FLIPPER injection rail – excellent quality at an attractive price

In the product range, it ranks between the ALEX RAIL-001 and the flagship Barracuda injector. FLIPPER has a new design of the pistons and a compact housing. Thanks to the use of a smaller and lighter piston, forces acting on it are much weaker. A modern design combined with experience in the production of injectors guarantees the reliability and speed of the injector.

The use of the proprietary vulcanization process makes the rubber elements remain flexible for longer, without breaking. This directly translates into having the same fuel doses, even over a long period of use of the injector. The seals are made of special fluorinated rubber (FKM) compounds.

The FLIPPER injection rail is manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of the American standard SAE J1832:2016, created specifically for the standardization of production and measurements of petrol injectors. The standard assumes uniformity in the assessment and measurement tests carried out on injectors used in gasoline engines. High-quality materials, attention to details and multiple tests have resulted in achieving good parameters and a long time of failure-free operation.


  Product Data Sheet FLIPPER

  • Available in 3- or 4-cylinder versions
  • Removable calibration nozzles allow smooth regulation of gas flow and injector efficiency
    (from 20 to 50 HP per cylinder)
  • Completely new piston design
  • Compact housing
  • Materials with high magnetic permeability
    and high saturation induction
  • Standard AMP SuperSeal connector
  • Seals made of specially designed fluorinated rubber compounds (FKM)
  • Working temperature from -40 to 120°C


The kit includes:

  • injection rail
  • gas inlet connection
  • plug
  • calibration nozzles for the strip
  • nozzles for the intake manifold
  • handles for fixing the slat

Static flow at 1,2 bar [Nl/min] 120 ± 2
Nozzle diameter [mm] max. 2,8
Coil resistance [Ω] 2,0 ± 5%
Opening time [ms] 2,3
Closing time [ms] 1,5
Min. peak current [A] < 3,0
Min. hold current (PWM=25%) [A] < 1,5
Operating working pressure [bar] 0,2 ÷ 4,2
Max. working pressure [bar] 4,5
Operating temperature [°C] -40 ÷ 120
Operating voltage range [V] 8 ÷ 16
Warranty [km] 60 000
Life span [cycles] > 200 mln 
Connector   AMP SuperSeal
LFR @ T=20 ms   > 31
WFR @ T=20 ms   > 40

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