OCTOPUS multivalve

OCTOPUS is a new multivalve from ALEX – a producer of excellent components for automotive gas installations.

Multivalve is an extremely important element of the whole gas installation. It controls the gas refueling process to the tank and gas flow from the tank to further parts of the system. Multivalve operation is based on simple and reliable mechanical solutions, that make the use of a gas tank completely safe, even in such extreme situations as collision, road accident or fire.

The range includes 2 types of valves: toroidal 30° for internal tanks and toroidal 0° for external (suspended) tank.

The multivalve is available in the STANDARD verision – with outlet ø6 mm and classic internal passages.


 Product Data Sheet OCTOPUS

  • Inspected and tested, 100% safe
  • Made of carefully selected, high quality materials (brass corp, elements from polymer-glass composites)
  • Precision of manufacture and assembly guarantee safety and operation reliability
  • Standard AMP superseal connector – simple, convenient connection of the electrical harness
  • Tested and homologated in accordance with the latest  European Regulation ECE 67R-01.

OCTOPUS integrates all security devices necessary for the correct and reliable operation of the entire car gas installation:

  • electromagnetic valve
  • pressure relief device
  • excess flow valve
  • pressure relief valve
  • manual valve (service)
  • non-return valve
  • 80% filling limiter.

Materials brass, steel, polymer-glass components
Weight 0.920 kg
PRV setting 27 bar
PRD setting 120 ± 10°C
PRV flow rate ~24 Nm3/min
PRD flow rate ~4.5 Nm3/min
Filling speed 18 l/min @ 10 bar
Inlet connection G1/4‘’
Outlet connection M10x1 / ø6 mm wire
Coil power 17 W
Coil voltage 12V DC
Connection socket AMP SuperSeal
Shut-off valve type Standard
Automatic stop at 80% filling Yes
Overflow valve Yes
Manual valve Yes
Homologation E8 67R-0110574 CLASS 3

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