OPTIMA switch

LPG switch for installations: OPTIMA nano / OPTIMA EXPERT / OPTIMA PICO.

The petrol/gas switch indicates the current mode of the car (type of current fuel supply: petrol/gas) and the gas level in the tank. It works completely automatically, according to the parameters set in the OPTIMA installation diagnostic program. Small housing dimensions and symmetrical shape will allow convenient and aesthetic assembly of the switch, even in hard-to-reach places.



  • Display of the current fuel type
  • Display of the current gas level in the tank
  • Selecting the type of current fuel supply
  • Informing about a change in fuel supply type and system errors
  • Adjusting the volume of sound signals and the backlight intensity
  • Emergency car start function on gas



  • Analog control panel
  • LED backlight
  • Buzzer with sound signals
  • 4-pin plug connector
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