RGB switchboard – modern look and aesthetics

Centralka CRGB V1

The new petrol/gas switch will satisfy the most demanding customers. It is equipped with colored SMD RGB LEDs, the color of which can be personalized according to the user’s preferences.




RGB switch

The RGB switchboard is equipped with colorful SMD RGB LEDs, the color of which can be personalized according to the customer’s preferences. It has a built-in buzzer for sound signaling.

It works according to the parameters set in the OPTIMA diagnostic program





Choose your version

The switch supports both LPG and CNG fuel and is available in two mounting versions:

  • external version (CRGB V2)
  • recessed in the dashboard (CRGB V1).


Minimalistic design

The housing of the new switch is made of high quality aluminum, which perfectly fits the style of modern car dashboards. Small housing dimensions and symmetrical shape will allow convenient and aesthetic assembly of the switchboard, even in hard-to-reach places.



The 4-pin connector is compatible with:




  • Display of the current fuel type
  • Display of the current gas level in the tank
  • Selecting the type of current fuel supply
  • Informing about a change in fuel supply type and system errors
  • Adjusting the volume of sound signals and the backlight intensity
  • Emergency car start function on gas


Full specification of the RGB control unit is available at: old.autogas-alex.com/en/products/rgb-switch