Injection rail workshop calibrator

The workshop calibrator is designed to measure the piston stroke of injectors in FLIPPER and ALEX RAIL-001 injection rails and other manufacturers’.

The workshop calibrator of the injection rail is used to adjust individual sections of the injectors and calibrate their efficency after a service/repair. The ALEX calibrator can also be used for injectors from other manufacturers.

ATTENTION! When calibrating, set exactly the same piston stroke value for each section of the injection rail. The values on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th injectors must be identical. The default value of the piston stroke for FLIPPER and ALEX RAIL-001 injection rails is 0.45 mm.


Detailed overview of the calibration process in the instructional video:

Set contains:

  • injector adapter
  • dial gauge
  • dial gauge adapter
  • injector power supply with switch
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