OPTIMA PICO controller

PICO is the newest controller in the OPTIMA range. It is designed for 3 and 4-cylinder engines.

A simple intuitive program known from other OPTIMA controllers allows for quick calibration, and the small number of connections guarantees minimum interference in the original engine system. Limiting communication cables allows for quick assembly. Connection of RPM and plus signal after stations is optional. PICO controller is designed for 3- and 4-cylinder units that do not require the use of a driver with OBD protocol support. The controller works with: Wankel, Valvetronic, naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. OPTIMA PICO is the right choice for those looking for a solid control computer at a reasonable price.

The main advantages of the OPTIMA PICO contoller:

  • small dimensions simplify its assembly even in tight spaces of modern cars’ engine compartments
  • all necessary tools enclosed in the smallest possible size
  • the minimum number of connections required and the 24-pin connector guarantee quick and easy installation
  • easy calibration and simple multiplier without the need for a long drive
  • works with the Valvetronic, Wankel, naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines
  • simple and intuitive program operation
  • petrol injection loops handling.


  • Number of cylinders: 3/4
  • Composite case type
  • Day&night system
  • Additional RPM corrections
  • Additional corrections of gas injectors opening
  • Oscilloscope to observe the parameters of the installation
  • Petrol injection loops handling
  • Compatibility with VALVETRONIC type engines
  • Compatibility with Wankla type engines
  • Compatibility with standard engines
  • Compatibility with turbo engines
  • Compatibility with different types of petrol injection control
  • Compatibility with different types of gas injectors
  • Compatibility with different types of gas level sensors
  • The ability to determine the maximum engine RPM while running on gas.
  • Reminder of control tests of the gas installation.
  • ‘Quick start’ function
  • Full anti-circuit and anti-overloading protection
  • Semiconductor emulation
  • 3D gas and petrol maps
  • Operating on LPG and CNG fuel
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from camshaft level sensor.
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from crankshaft level sensor
  • The ability to download the RPM signal from injectors impulse
  • The ability of a permanent switch off of particular gas injectors
  • The ability of emergency start on gas
  • Lambda probe service
  • Fuel overlapping
  • Operating on external AFR probe
  • Injector switching strategies during fuel transitions
  • Quick switch off the LPG/CNG installation
  • RPM decay time setting
  • The ability to display the history of changes in the controller
  • Signaling errors and status messages
  • Simplification of application view
  • Editable ranges of gas injection time( table of injection time in rotation function)
  • Leaning on a cold engine
  • Signaling running on petrol
  • Signaling a warm reducer
  • Records of past errors
  • Gas injector heating

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