OPTIMA PRO-TEC controller

OPTIMA PRO-TEC is a technologically advanced controller with built-in OBD II/EOBD and CAN module.

It is made for cars with advanced fuel injection systems – emission standard EURO IV/V.

  • Maximum number of cylinders: 4
  • Lambda probe handling
  • Multipoint multiplier mounting
  • Mounting and direct communication with OBD II/EOBD or CAN main-line
  • RPM correction
  • Gas temperature correction
  • Gas pressure correction
  • Reading coil burst, petrol injectors and crankshaft
  • Fuel injection control: sequential, semi-sequential, fullgroup
  • Immediate closure of gas valves after switching car off
  • Eventuality of defining maximum load/time gas injection
  • Valvetronic power unit handling
  • Capability of permanent exclusion of individual injection sub-sections
  • Variable timing power unit (e.g. Mazda) handling
  • Service diode
  • Canceling errors in petrol controller from gas controller
  • Petrol module diagnostics from gas controller
  • Quick start/warm engine

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