SHARK BFE 1200 reducer

SHARK BFE 1200 is an LPG reducer without an integrated filter and a solenoid valve, designed for engines up to 150HP *.

High-quality single-stage reducer designed for LPG sequential injection installations. It maintains the appropriate gas pressure to ensure optimal working conditions for the entire system.

The modern design ensures proper operation in difficult climatic conditions, which translates into trouble-free operation of the gas installation. The special construction of the membrane ensures full efficiency and low pressure drops in the full load range.

When designing the SHARK BFE reducer, we also remembered about the possibility of mounting in two planes, which in many cases is a great help for the installer. SHARK BFE is based on the construction of the popular SHARK reducer – it has a flap valve resistant to contamination.

To meet the expectations of installers, the integrated valve and filter have been dispensed with, because modern engine chambers limit the place of assembly. Thanks to this, the reducer is more convenient to install, and the solenoid valve with a filter can be mounted anywhere. Excellent quality of the SHARK BFE reducer is a guarantee of high efficiency of the device and long-term and failure-free operation.

* naturally aspirated and turbocharged engine up to 0.60 bar. For a liquid flow of 35L/min and a coolant temperature of 80°C.


 Product Data Sheet SHARK BFE 1200/1500


Advantages of the SHARK BFE 1200 reducer:

  • Small dimensions – the compact design allows the reducer to be installed in the confined space of the engine compartment.
  • Proven design – the flap design of the reducing valve ensures long and failure-free operation and resistance to contamination.
  • Freedom of assemly – thanks to composite, rotating water elbows with an angle of 120° and a gas outlet connection that can be replaced with 90° swivel elbow.
  • Safety – the design of the reducer body makes it impossible to replace the coolant with gas.

Output pressure 1,2 bar
Pressure adjustment range 1,0 ÷ 1,4 bar
Engine power <150 KM
Pressure regulation SW4
Gas inlet port diameter Ø6 mm
Gas outlet port diameter Ø12 mm
Rotary water pipe elbows diameter Ø16 mm
Vacuum input Ø5 mm
Dimensions 144 x 109 x 102 mm
Weight 1,1 kg

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