SAE J1832:2016 Standard

norma_sae_alex_tadeusz ożarowski_2020SAE International J1832:2016 Standard

All ALEX injectors are manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of the American Standard SAE-J1832:2016, created especially for the standardization of production and measurements of petrol injectors. The standard assumes uniformity in the assessment and measurement tests carried out on injectors used in gasoline engines.

Application of standardized test procedures:

  • enables both injector manufacturers and end users to create one defined test for each of the key injector performance parameters,

  • ensures stable quality and repeatable parameters of finished products,

  • shows attention to maintaining an appropriate level of knowledge and following development trends in the industry.


SAE – confirmation of the highest quality

The use of uniform and standardized testing and evaluation procedures for in-line injectors is important to the global automotive community. Standardized test procedures enable both injector manufacturers and end users to create one defined test for each of the key injector performance parameters.



Technical objectives of SAE

Detailed test procedures are provided to determine many injector parameters, including the following: dynamic and static characteristics, operating range determined by the LFR (Linear Flow Range) and WFR (Working Flow Range), minimum control times or offset.

Application of the standard:

  • establishes the best available test procedures and recommends test equipment and methods for measuring fuel injector performance,

  • defines the parameters and key indicators related to the measurement of fuel injector performance characteristics,

  • standardizes the nomenclature relating specifically to injector testing.







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