The SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer awarded in the 'Product of the Year 2022' competition

The SHARK BFE ADAPT reducer was awarded in the Product of the Year 2022 competition! We are glad to be among the best automotive products of 2022.

The competition organized by the editors of the autoEXPERT monthly is a review of the most valuable automotive products of this year. We are all the more pleased that we are among the winners.

The official awarding of distinctions and titles of the Product of the Year 2022 took place during a videoconference, which took place on September 22, 2022. As part of this event, an online meeting of the representatives of the Chapter and companies awarded in the competition was held.

Innovative LPG reducer SHARK BFE ADAPT:
⏩ builds up gas pressure as a function of engine load
⏩ increases the efficiency of the gas installation
⏩ supports engines up to 250HP
⏩ it is extremely resistant to dirt.
Visit the product page and get to know it even better.