Super B injector

Extremely efficient and versatile LPG/CNG gas injector, dedicated to demanding engines with direct, DUAL and multipoint injection.

The Super B injector is a new generation of gas injector. It is designed for engines that require linear operation throughout the entire range – both at low and high speeds.

The injector is able to handle low speeds and high loads without the need to replace/ream out the nozzles. In many cases, especially in direct gasoline injection engines, such an injector is the only option to properly fuel the car. We also gain with larger capacities, because after increasing the pressure on the reducer, the injector’s efficiency increases, without compromising the idle running stability.

Super B injector perfectly supports overworked engines. In this case, the injector delivers a very small dose of gas when the engine is running at no load (idle and cut-off), while still providing sufficient performance at maximum load.

The construction of the Super B injector uses modern fluoropolymer sliding coatings with non-stick and anti-freeze functions, as well as seals made of fluorinated rubber compounds. Thanks to this, the injector elements are resistant to the harmful effects of physical and chemical factors, and the risk of sticking impurities from the gas fuel is minimized.


Super B Injector – PRODUCT CODES
C081-15-19-60-02 Super B 115 Nl/min Injector + Adapter d6
C081-30-19-60-01 Super B 130 Nl/min Injector + Adapter d6

Super B 145 Nl/min Injector + Adapter d6


 Product Data Sheet Super B


  • Available in a version for single assembly – with or without an adapter, as well as combined into 2, 3 and 4 – cylinder rails.
  • Maintained a sufficiently low dose, while maintaining the final efficiency
  • Resolves the issue of unstable performance at low RPMs
  • Small dimensions and quick assembly
  • Dedicated to cars with both direct injection (ALEX IDEA system) and multipoint injection (ALEX OPTIMA)
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with the American SAE J1832:2016 standard, created to standardize the production and measurement of petrol injectors
  • The injector – working with the SHARK BFE ADAPT reducerminimizes the use of reducing nozzles, and in most cases allows their complete removal
  • High-tech fluoropolymer sliding coat with non-stick and anti-freeze function
  • If there is a need, the efficiency of the Super B injector can be adjusted with the pressure of the reducer
  • Discretionary equipment configuration thanks to wide range of supplying connectors, injection rails and gas distributors

    Super B 115 Super B 130 Super B 145
LFR @ T=20 ms at 1.0 bar   > 55 > 50 > 34
Static flow at 1.0 bar [Nl/min] 115 ± 2 130 ± 2 145 ± 2
Opening time at 1.0 bar [ms] 1,45 1,50 1,55
Closing time at 1.0 bar [ms] 0,95 1,15 1,45
Operating temperature [°C] -40 ÷ 120 -40 ÷ 120 -40 ÷ 120
Nozzle diameter [mm] max. 3,0 max. 3,0 max. 3,0
Warranty [km] 100 000 100 000 100 000
Life span  [cycles] > 500 milion > 500 milion > 500 milion
Connector   AMP SuperSeal AMP SuperSeal AMP SuperSeal


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